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  • 20% OFF UltraSeal XT Plus Sealant
  • 20% OFF Enamelast Fluoride Varnish
  • 15% OFF VALO Cordless and VALO Grand Cordless

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Optimize your dental office phone system!

  • $750 Installation fee (Over 50% SAVINGS)
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Second Story Promotions

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Promote your dental office by giving your patients COOL ITEMS printed with your office name and logo!  Includes ALL items from Second Story Promotions!

  • MOST POPULAR DENTAL ITEM: Toothpaste Squeezers – Patients LOVE These! They’ll be reading your office name every morning & night!

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Rectangle Health

Increasing Patient Payments & Keeping Your Office In-Compliance With  HIPAA

Rectangle Health helps dental offices improve patient payments in a faster, more convenient way, increasing outstanding collections by as much as 30%, and integrating those payments into their current practice management system.
Contact Joel Shuster at 561-341-9690 or by email to learn more and make sure to tell him you’re a member of Teeth Power!


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Gró Consulting

40% Discount with Your Gró Partner.

Gró Consulting partners with you and your business for HR, Marketing, and Accounting needs. We know your business is unique and provide 100% customizable services to help your business grow.

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